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A community for people who like traditional folk music, in its loosest definition! From Cecil Sharp to Jim Moray, Phoebe Smith to Eliza Carthy, bring on the artist recommendations, festival suggestions, favourite tunes, song histories and the eternal debate about 'What is folk music?'...

Approximately UK-centric (in part because the US music industry works even harder than the UK industry at defining things as folk which are not folk at all) and, more importantly, rooted in traditional music. This doesn't mean that I'll be annoyed if you post about, say, Bob Dylan (who obviously, despite being a very talented songwriter, has close links to the ballad tradition of the British Isles).

However, do bear in mind that acoustic does not equal folk. Despite the best efforts of the record industry to convince us otherwise, the UK (and the US) have a thriving traditional scene, much like many other countries around the world, and we should celebrate that.

This is not to criticise singer-songwriters and their ilk - I have plenty of CDs of that sort - but this is not the place for posting about them.

However, we'd love to hear about your amazing new discoveries - bands, singers, sessions, instruments, music shops, record labels, festivals. About what you play, why you play it. Do you dance? What do you dance? Where? What's your favourite festival?

Post about why you think I'm wrong, if you like, and why coffee-shop singers who only do songs about their most recent breakup should really be considered folk music after all ;)
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